Charity and Ecotourism

Kisambi Tours is working closely with Tunajali Tanzania NGO, Tunajali Tanzania is a charitable organization based in Moshi Kilimanjaro, serving communities around the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Idea of charity is derived from the concept of Ecotourism, which promotes a responsible way of visiting natural areas by protecting the environment and improving the well-being of the local people. Tunajali Tanzania initiates and manages sustainable projects aimed at redistributing the profits of tourism activities to the local communities of Tanzania.

The area of action is the northern part of Tanzania mainly on the slopes of Kilimanjaro

The main activities are defined below.

  2. EDUCATION – Volunteers are invited to assist in the three primary schools and a secondary school of Materuni village and the surrounding area.

In schools – Volunteers are assisting regular classroom teachers in their daily activities with children. They are also assisting with the schools’ general maintenance tasks (painting, grass-cutting, basic carpentry, electrical repairs) and are training staff (teachers and administrative staff) on how to use computers.

English Teaching – Tunajali Tanzania considers that language skills are key to easing communication between locals and tourists. Volunteers are offering English lessons to primary school children, village guides engaged in cultural tourism, and women who are cooking food for tourists at Materuni village.

  1. HEALTHCARE AND CHILDCARE – In a community where medical resources are scarce and access to healthcare is limited, volunteers bring awareness and care to the local people. Volunteers take part in home-based care, clinic support, and health talks and truly make an impact on those living in traditional rural villages. 

Clinic support and home-based care – Tunajali Tanzania is willing to support community members suffering from illness and disease. Volunteers are accompanying local caregivers to rural homes, providing advice and treatment, and assisting in a variety of departments in local clinics and dispensaries.

AIDS prevention and support to HIV victims – Volunteers at Tunajali Tanzania are involved in HIV education initiatives that provide awareness and promote a positive statement. We also support HIV victims: this support can be in terms of food with vitamins, school fees,s and a word of encouragement for victims and their families. 

Orphanage Centers – Tunajali Tanzania looks after the orphans and loves them, hence the organization is facilitating the placement of volunteers in orphanage centers and allocate part of its fund to the support of several orphanage centers in Moshi.

  1. ENVIRONMENT – Volunteers are involved in environmental actions: planting trees, cleaning up natural areas, collecting plastic materials, and recycling.

Tree planting program: Tunajali Tanzania has initiated a tree plantation program in several areas of the country. This program aims to make sure that Tanzania stays green and is ready to tackle climate change challenges.

Waste collection: Tunajali Tanzania has selected one day a week to collect waste in cooperation with volunteers. The aim is to make our living space a cleaner place and keep families away from diseases associated with a dirty environment.

  1. SKILLS AND INNOVATION – Volunteers are bringing ideas to develop cultural tourism and help local communities (in particular young people and women) to develop the necessary skills to conduct small businesses and participate in community projects.

Business training: Tunajali Tanzania conducts training on different sectors of the economy with a strong focus on agriculture and trade. This training is conducted by our volunteers and their objective is to help the local communities to produce marketable products and run small businesses.

Customer care training: Cultural tourism is key in Materuni village, and Tunajali Tanzania’s goal is to help local people benefit from it and improve their standard of living. For instance, Tunajali Tanzania is training local people to organize village tours and prepare typical Chagga hot lunches for tourists visiting Materuni village. Volunteers can also assist our team in teaching English to the local communities to ease communication with tourists.

Microfinance: Tunajali Tanzania promotes innovation by providing zero-interest loans to local people working on sustainable projects. We are particularly focused on encouraging women’s initiatives. Alternatively, loans can be provided in-kind to help families in need. For instance, domestic animals can be lent to those in need. 

Internship opportunities – Tunajali Tanzania can support young volunteers’ careers in Tanzania by sourcing internship placements for them.

  1. AGRICULTURE AND MANUAL LABOUR – Volunteers are taking part in agricultural activities in cooperation with local farmers and advising on how agriculture can benefit from tourism.

Work with local farmers – Volunteers are assisting local farmers in their daily activities, taking a long-term view to help farmers better manage their resources and achieve good harvests year after year.

House renovation for the poor local people – Tunajali Tanzania maintains the houses of the poor local people, especially the elderly. Volunteers are assisting in general maintenance and repair work, and Tunajali Tanzania can provide material help for the construction and renovation.

  1. SPORTS AND CULTURE – Volunteers are involved in sports activities, organizing tournaments, and training young locals to promote a healthy way of life and build up a stronger social bond. Volunteers are also promoting the local culture.

Sports and activities – Volunteers are running after-school programs (sport, art, singing, tutoring). The objective is to promote a healthy living style, develop everyone’s talent and build up a strong social bond.

Promoting traditional dance and songs – Tunajali Tanzania is committed to conserving traditional dance. We have a group of local singers called Mnambe Traditional dance Group. The volunteers are promoting this group, making sure that the Chagga traditional dance and songs are kept alive.

Traditional art craft – Tunajali Tanzania is encouraging the youth of Materuni to make traditional art craft for sale to tourists and is helping them to market the products.


Tunajali Tanzania uses donations from volunteers and tourists to support local projects and people in need: widows, children, elderlies, and disabled people. Donations can be either in kind (second-hand cloth, medicines, school supplies…) or in cash. Tourists and volunteers can bring their donations. during the tours organized by Tunajali Tanzania.  

One Pig Project: We are offering the possibility to tourists who are traveling or have traveled with Tunajali Tanzania to buy a pig. This pig will be allocated to one woman who will look after it. Once the pig delivers piglets, she can keep one and give the other to fellow women.

Sponsor a child: Tunajali Tanzania appreciates the importance of education, therefore we are connecting children of poor families to people willing to sponsor their education.

Plan for a sponsored training program: Tunajali Tanzania cordially welcomes sponsors to move forward with the training of local people who are willing to become tourist guides. We do believe that having local people who are well trained and equipped will enable them to properly share their cultural values with the tourist who is visiting this unique cultural paradise. 

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