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Planning a migration safari can be tricky; the wildlife is on the move after all!

However, with a little help from us, you will hopefully be able to figure out where you should be at what time and where it’s best to stay.

The wildebeest migration covers a huge area of the Serengeti-Masai Mara ecosystem, and despite the varying weather, putting together a migration-specific itinerary is not as difficult as one may at first think.

Knowing the best location for specific times of year is of paramount importance. The exact route of the migrating herbivores depends on the weather and where the grass is greener, be it in Kenya or Tanzania.

However, the migration does tend to follow the same, or a similar, pattern year after year, which means that you can have a good idea of where to locate yourself. Each area is good at different times of the year, the Serengeti seeing the migration for around nine months and the Mara for just three.

The river crossing is one of the main events that people wish to see; this is where thousands of wildebeests battle with each other, and the crocs, to move on to the best grazing plains. The first of these crossings is that of the Grumeti River in Western Serengeti, which happens around mid-May to June.

The second, and perhaps the most famous, is that of the Mara River during August and September. The crossings are hugely exciting to witness, and a must if you want some action! However, the mass herds move through the Serengeti-Masai Mara ecosystem throughout the year, and therefore traveling at any time of the year will provide viewing of vast amounts of game.

February, for example, is a fantastic time to travel to the Southern Serengeti as this is the time of year when the thousands of wildebeest begin to give birth; this is an incredible sight to witness, and the big cats are often seen in the area at this time.

Along with where and when to travel, we have listed some of the best lodges in the area to give you access to the migration. Where you stay will have a great impact on your experience during the migration. Of course, the Serengeti-Masai Mara is extremely popular, and it does get extremely busy.

Having well-trained, professional guides are the most important part of a migration safari. The guides will be trained to know the movements of the wildlife, where they are positioned, and the best location for photography too.

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